Disconnections is a term that can mean becoming isolated, separated or even the act of detaching one thing from another. It is a word that is continually present in every facet of our world today. In conversation or by watching the news, you may find yourself feeling removed from the world or even the person you are directly talking to. The objective of this show is to introduce the viewer to varying views of the word “disconnections” through the eyes of six different artists who are all at different points of their creative careers. The idea for this show was developed through conversations between show curator, Dan Overdorff and visiting Seattle based artist, Chris “The Bag Painter” Crites.

The show will consist of paintings, photographs, sculptures and much more. According to Chris Crites, “It is my belief that we are far more connected to each other and our environment, oftentimes in ways we may not even realize. Each of our actions, choices and beliefs effect our shared world. It seems so much these days that we are led to see our differences by the media and people in power so that it can be harder sometimes to see what we all have in common. By using images from the past, I am making connections and attempting to explore this shared experience of our existence. It is a process of seeing things in a different way. This is often a disconnection from the images’ original context, but they still tell stories and have meaning.” Chris’s work for the show will be based off of cultural history of the Pittsburgh area along with the images of late Pittsburgh photographer, Charles Harris. His work focuses on creating new images from the past through color exploration and experimentation. Chris has been shown across the United State and Internationally.

Along with Crites, the show will also feature Associated Artist of Pittsburgh and Director of the Seton Hill University Art Program, Pati Beachley. Pati is a veteran artist that specializes in metalwork sculptures that continue the conversation about morality. Her imagery can be viewed as humorous or light hearted, but continually has a vein of darkness coursing though it’s veins. Kathleen Dlugos is the Director of the Westmoreland County Community College Art Program. Her print based and painting works present a fragility to our complex world and how easily it is to break down if you take a moment to notice. As an artist, it is her goal to capture these moments in her own vision of a self-healing natural system.

Samantha Lantz is a mixed media artist and recent MFA recipient. She has taught classes at Westmoreland County Community College and utilizes her time as an artists to explore drawing, printmaking and sculpture. Her work has been displayed at various universities and galleries in the Northeastern United States. Carolyn Pierotti is a painter and the Director/Gallery Manager of Percolate gallery in Wilkinsburg, PA. She obtained her BA at Carlow University and focuses her work on the turmoil of being a woman. Her works venture physicality, career and motherhood with subject matter first striking you with a sense of celebration but then boiling down to the female inner struggle. James “JMYJAM” Schaffer is a well known Pittsburgh photographer specializing in shots of urban landscapes, musicians and branding. Over the years he has shifted his concentration from drawing and painting to the immediacy of the carmera. He earned his BFA at Edinboro University and has been shown at Westmoreland County Community College and other fine art establishments.

May 4th -June 9th

Larry Beaver Retrospective Solo exhibition tracking the life and work of Jeannette artist Larry Beaver. 


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