Jessica Higo Walbridge is our Satellite Artist. Jess is not in residence at YAH, but on our website and social media. She is a master crocheter whose intention is “to bring ‘women’s work’ into a fine art setting” with her references to monster and powerful women. She has made her body of work by morphing classical concepts, feminist undertones, and monstrous themes into unexpected fiber pieces.

Week 1

Hi, I am currently working on daily ink drawings for #inktober, a bunch of small items for sale, and just finished up some works for the DLG show: Visions of the Apocalypse 2 opening 10/13 at 8pm at DLG. Link to the event: Some of my work shown will be a large crocheted dragon head (work in progress images included) and some halloween themed huggable items like the jackolantern bigfoots (images included) and crocheted ghosts.

More updates and my inktober pieces can be found on my facebook page at: or my instagram @jessicahigo

Week 2

Hi, I am still working on daily ink illustrations for #inktober, I am hoping to be able to convert some of these small images into fabric patches for sale. Additionally, I'm still working on making some smalls for sale. I've recently gathered a bunch of new material for works for the January show and some smalls for the holidays. Some of my work is currently on display at DLG's current show: Visions of the Apocalypse 2. 

More updates, to place an order, or to see my inktober pieces check out my facebook page at: or my instagram: @jessicahigo

Week 3

H I am still working on daily ink illustrations for #inktober and working on some smalls for sale. I just recently started making my own custom patches! I've attached a video of how I convert my illustrations to patch patterns and an image of some of my current smalls, and a new patch! Some of my work is currently on display at YAH's current exhibition and DLG's current show: Visions of the Apocalypse 2. Some of my smaller pieces are for sale at DV8 in Greensburg and always through my social media. For more updates, to place an order, or to see my inktober pieces check out my facebook page at: or my instagram: @jessicahigo

Week 4

Hi! This week INKTOBER has officially ended and my focus has now switched from making illustrations to transforming them into patches and I've dedicated to working towards the off the wall show starting in late November. In preparation of the show I've made the largest crew of elves I have ever made, they'll be looking for their forever homes at YAH. Aside from these guys there will be some cuddly bigfoots and yetis as well as a bunch of ~mystery~ buddies that might make appearances in future blog updates. For more updates or to place an order check out my facebook page at: or my instagram: @jessicahigo

Week 5

Hi, Yesterday was the first yarn circle at YAH and I thought it was wonderful! I’m very excited to see what we can come together and put out into the community, and it is also so wonderful to be in a creative environment! Aside from the yarn circle, I have moved into full gear to create items for the YAH off the wall show. As of now I have a small clutch of baby bigfoots, octopi, elves, and other creatures looking for their forever homes. I have also been working on some surprises for the fiber art exhibition in January at YAH. for more updates, to order an item, or to see some of my past items check out my Instagram @jessicahigo or my Facebook @

Week 6

Hello, currently, I’m working on the last big push of holiday stock, some of which can be found at YAH’s off the wall exhibition! Additionally, I’ve been working towards some of my larger sculptures for YAH’s January fiber art show, here’s a hint: getting handsy. For more information or to contact me visit my Facebook or insta at or  @jessicahigo

week 7

Hi, This past week I’ve been working on making 12 bigfoots. Here are the in progress, each stage shot. The steps went as follows:
- make 48 feet
- make 12 bodies
- stuff and finish all bodies
- stuff all legs
- sew the legs first then the arms of each
- cut out 12 faces and 12 butts
- cut out 12 sets of teeth
- sew on 24 eyes
- attach and pin 12 butts
- attach and pin 12 faces and 12 teeth
- remove pins
And then I had a small stampede of huggable bigfoots. Some of these babies will make it to YAH! For more information or to place an order please visit my Facebook or instagram at or @jessicahigo

Week 8

Hi, this week I’ve spent planning for some of my final pieces for the YAH January exhibition. I’m hoping to have a variety of pieces and I’m playing around with some new colors/shapes/and concepts recently. Here’s an image of some of the yarn I plan on crocheting out in the next week into some fun new forms. For more information or to place an order please contact me through my Instagram @jessicahigo or my Facebook at

Week 9

Hi, recently I’ve been trying to bank every ounce of free time to crochet pieces for the upcoming YAH exhibition in January. I’m still not ready to unveil my secrets but if you have any guesses I’d love to hear them! In the last 2 days I believe I’ve crocheted at minimum 15,000 stitches and I’m pleased to report I’m on my last skein of this gray yarn. I’m working up to assembling this monster piece! Additionally, I’m working on some smaller pieces and sculptures. A great handful of my pieces are currently on display at YAH’s Off The Wall exhibition, just a reminder ~the little monsters are looking for their forever homes, AND they are great huggers~

For more information or to contact me please visit my Facebook at or my Instagram @jessicahigo

Week 10

Hi, currently I’m working on a large octopus with nearly a 6’ wingspan and a bunch (!) of baby octopi (the legless version photographed below), additionally I’m assembling a 6’ tall piece for the YAH exhibition and 17 mini lions for the holidays.
For more information or to contact me please visit my fb page at or my Instagram @jessicahigo w

Week 11

Hello! Currently I’m speed crocheting through a bunch of last minute holiday gifts and gift orders! I’ve made 21 little lions 12 small pups 4 baby octopi, a giant octopus, a marshmallow creature, and a hockey player. Additionally I’m still working on a 6’ tall piece for the YAH show, some smaller humanoid pieces, and a large clutch of baby octopi. As always, for more information or to contact me please visit my Facebook at or my Instagram @jessicahigo

Week 12

Hi! Currently I’m in the middle of a road trip to Texas, I’m still crocheting! Currently I am working on the sculpture in the picture and a whole secondary sculpture. I’m still working on the little octopi babies and assembling some larger pieces. I’ve also attached some images of things I finished up for the holidays. As always, to contact me or for more information please visit my Facebook at and my Instagram @jessicahigo

Week 13

Hi! So excited for the fiber show Stitches to open! All of the finishing touches to my new pieces are complete! I’m excited to see my newest pieces on display as well as the pieces of the two other artists I will be exhibiting with! Recently I was on a road trip to Texas and back to Pennsylvania which provided me with a lot of time to think and start new pieces which may have been a little adventurous especially with the show opening so soon. I am so glad about how those pieces specifically turned out and I can’t wait for the opening! (They’ll remains a secret until then :))

Week 14

Hi, this week, and frankly this whole month (even though we are only 11 days in) has been a whirlwind of yarn! I’m so excited for the show opening and hope many people make it out to see Stitches at YAH! Here’s to looking forward to some more leisurely designed and created pieces in the future, I’m hoping to start recreating some old and worn pieces I made a few years ago.

Week 15

Hi, now that the show is up at YAH, I’m taking some time to make some non-sculpture items for myself. In February 2014 I made myself faux fur Batman seat covers which are now very worn down and frankly need to be retired, this past week I’ve been focused on crocheting the inset pieces of my new 2.0 version of my seat covers. I’ve adapted the pattern to crochet and added some new, more modern shapes, as well as fully embracing my love of bright yellow. Here’s some images of the original faux fur ones and the new panels I’ve crocheted for my new ones. I’m really excited for these new ones, especially with winter weather coming!

Week 16

Hello! Over the past week I’ve continued to work on my seat covers! They may not be super monstrous but I’m super excited for them! Officially have the back seat headrest covers complete, I’m procrastinating on the rest haha!

Week 17

Hi! over the past week I've continued my work on my seat cover project, I'm enjoying taking my time with each part instead of working through them in an effort to create stock! In honor of the recent polar vortex, and being snowed in, I started posting some of my stock online for a snow-sale with free shipping on all orders! The sale includes custom work and can be seen on my facebook: or my insta @jessicahigo

week 18

Hi! Lots of things happening! I completed the top half of my backseat covers, made 4 big octopus babies and started some new ~still secret~ babies. More to come!!!

Week 19

Lots of new things in the works! Hoops lions and monsters, oh my!

week 20

Hi, a lot of new things in the mix this week, unfortunately I don’t have many things developed enough to take photos of! I’m newly inspired and also working towards the DLG (darklight gallery and tattoo) underwater exhibition. Here’s a shot of one of the babies for that show :) I’m very excited to get working on items for it!

Week 21

Hi! I’ve been working hard to create some new items for DLGs underwater show opening next Saturday!!! Here are some more hoop designs I’m excited about and some new crochet babies that I’m hoping to finish by the end of the weekend!

week 22

Hi! Happy Easter! If you haven’t seen the DLG show please go check it out! I absolutely love this show and am very proud of the pieces I have in it! Also this week I’ve finished the seat covers in my car and am very excited about it!

Week 23

Hi! I’ve been making some aliens and this new guy who is a work-in-progress. I’m also creating some cat-themed pieces for YAH!

Week 24

Hi, I’ve been crocheting nearly non-stop when I’m not working and so my house looks a little bit like a factory but thankfully I’m getting some of my stock built back up for summer. This past week I have finished my yeti keychains 3 yeti desk sitters and 1 larger yeti. I’ve also finished some fan art ~a pikachu~ and have a whole bunch of pieces half done.

Week 25

Hi! Sorry this update is so late, I’ve been crocheting non-stop to try to get ahead for some upcoming shows and gifts! I will continue to be updating my shop so please check it out! (Link through I was able to complete 9 baby white cats, 4 medium chunky yellow cats, 4 big tabby cats and 1 giant tabby cat. I also have a whole mixing bowl of soon-to-be yeti keychains which have been out of stock for a couple months now. Also, as promised, I’ve attached the gift I made as a bridal shower gift: bride and groom aliens!

Week 26

Hi! This week has been an absolute whirlwind! I continue to work towards updating my online shop however it is daunting and time consuming so bare with me! Also I’ve been putting what feels like every waking hour I am not at work into my crochet. I originally started out the week working on building back up some of my stock as a lot of my favorite items are currently out of stock, but then I ran into a bit of a panic and scramble to create a gift for someone who really deserves something specialized and nice (I’ll add that picture next week once the gift has been given) then I decided to take on another last minute project to decorate a hat with rainbow bigfoots for a bridal shower game, and finally I am now back to my initial goal of restocking and uploading all my stock!  Here are some pictures of my week, and please remember I am ALWAYS open to fun new projects and almost always able to rush orders when needed so unless you have an event two days away keep me in mind for custom gifts!

Week 27

Hi! I’ve been working on so many projects right now and at least 18 of them are currently in a work-in-progress state due to waiting for materials. I continue to make kitty themed items and hope to have all of them wrapped up by tomorrow night so that is exciting! Currently working on sets of cat coasters for the cat video event!

week 28

Hi, I’ve been working on some different mothman pieces in a few different sizes: big, medium, and keychain (the big ones still need their wings.) I also have been working on some functional baskets for my home including one with a metal grate to allow wet items to be off of my sink in my laundry room!

week 20

Hi! Recently, I have finished 16 baby sloths and started working on some new Bigfoot keychains! I’m hoping to create some new -never before seen- creatures soon!

week 21

Hi! This week is the cat video event at YAH and I’m super excited! I just finished an extra batch of little kitties for the event along side all the other things I made for it!

Aside from all the cat themed items, I just finished a round baby blanket (although I am pretty adamant I will not make blankets lol) that I’m excited to put the final details on. Soon I’ll be starting some larger pieces I’m really excited about!

week 22

Hi! I’ve been super busy lately and have a couple different ideas in the works. In honor of shark week, I’ve made this big guy!

week 23

Hi! Exciting times! I officially received my first Christmas order! (To be clear, I LOVE festive orders for holidays/ birthdays, and I am ALWAYS accepting new orders!) so I’m pumped up. Working on holiday items always is a ~good feel~ moment! Additionally, I’m working on some exciting new pieces. Can you guess what it will be?

week 24

Hi, so busy!!! Honestly that is the theme for this month. I’m still finalizing some bigger pieces and working through a large order. Still using zero premade patterns, which ultimately is easier for me and is part of my artist identity, however sometimes it sucks when you have to restart something 5 times because it’s not quite what you wanted.

week 25

Hi! I am so excited to say I just finished my big spirit buffalo and the picture doesn’t do him any justice. It was a journey to crochet a buffalo without any patterns, but it was completely worth it!