The mission of the "Lean on Me Cane Project" is to donate canes that help increase pride, confidence and self worth in ones disabilities. 

The "Lean On Me Cane Project"  started in October 2014 with Jen Costello's disability.  Jen is a 45 year survivor of Wilms Tumor Cancer and the treatment was experimental. The massive amount of chemotherapy and radiation left her with numerous health and physical side effects.  In 2013 she was prescribed leg braces and a medical cane that caused depression. The prescribed medical equipment aided in her determination to make a cane to increase self confidence and self worth. After she completed a few canes a friend requested a special cane for her husband.


After I donated my first cane and saw the joy of his face I knew this is my purpose. It is hard enough to have a disability, but to have a medical cane makes it all the worse.


The wood worker, Richard Naugle joined Lean on Me Cane Project April 2017. He has been carving since 2013 and brings a lot of motivation and excitement to the group. Richard is the lead carver with numerous donations a month to others in need. 

Lean on me Cane Project is growing with Team carvers and artist over the US and England. Team members donate canes or walking sticks to individuals within their community or by requested cane emails. Each Team carvers has their unique style to developing walking sticks and canes. Team carvers reach over the US and they provide photos of their canes and the individuals receiving these aids.